This Lake

Lake Superior is likely to be my most photographed, and blogged about, subject. I apologize for the repetition, but I hope you'll see (if you don't already) a glimpse into the extreme majesty of these waters. Especially recently, I am beyond concerned for the future of this lake and its pristine water, and am working on ways to be involved with its protection, as well as the other 10,000+ freshwater lakes we have here in MN -- but more on that later.  Below are few photos  from this fall of the incredible lake itself, the land that surrounds it, and some of the wildlife that it sustains. I'm sitting here as it's snowing in Minneapolis and wish I were up near Duluth watching the huge November waves roll in. For now, I'll just keep scrolling through the following:

While sitting in a restaurant in Grand Marais, I got to see a fight for food between a young eagle, and several otters. It started with the otters finding a fish and fighting for it amongst themselves, then the eagle swooping in to steal a bite, followed by the otters finding the courage to ambush the eagle and take back their meal. I was lucky enough to be outside when the eagle showed up and was able to capture the shot below, but all the other photos are taken through a restaurant window and pretty far from the action, so not the best photos - but they give you the idea! It was amazing to see. 

And a few fall shots along Minnesota's North Shore region: