New Orleans (Part II) - The Wedding

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was in New Orleans this past weekend assisting the phenomenal photog, Leslie Plesser, with shooting a wedding. And what a wedding it was! The venue was stunning and lit by hundreds and  hundreds of candles. There was a PARADE led by an awesome band through the streets of New Orleans after the ceremony. The night ended with a sparkler send-off for the bride and groom. Oh, and there was lots of marvelous dancing with guests sporting Mardi Gras masks. 

This wedding was especially fun to photograph as we were hired to shoot the entire thing in black & white, and damn does B&W make things look their best. I love how B&W pulls the focus to expression and light, a couple of the things that, in my opinion, color can drown out to an extent. It also just makes everything look oh so classy and classic (not that that was hard to do with such a warm and lovely couple, and their wonderful family and friends!)

Below are a few of my shots from the day, head over to Leslie's blog to see her collection as well (she photographed the bride getting ready, while I was with the groom, and lots of lovely portraits of the two of them, so you'll see the whole day documented over there!) Below you'll also see pics of a giant parade that we ran into while walking from the hotel the grooms' party was getting ready in, to the venue - a good warm-up for the slightly smaller parade we'd be marching in for the wedding. (There are parades everywhere in NOLA, it's the best)

Click on images to enlarge: