Rock the Garden 2016

Yesterday I spent a sweltering Saturday baking in the sun and taking in all that Rock the Garden 2016 had to offer. This year's festival was off-site from the typical Walker Art Center's backyard, and moved to Boom Island in NE Minneapolis. Although the site lines were not as great as the view you get from the hill at the Walker, I really loved the one-day, two-stage set up they used this year (maybe it is a sign of getting older, but 7 hours in the sun drains me so I was glad to sleep in and not trek back to spend another day out there, plus on Sunday I have like, laundry to do.) Also, I was kind of jealous of the people that just pulled up their boats and hung out on the water listening to the tunes (but was kind of horrified that lots of them were swimming in the Mississippi - isn't the water quality terrible??).

Chance the Rapper had the best set of the night, but every band seemed thrilled to be performing, sounded great and kept the energy up despite the 90 degree+ heat index. Below are a few photos from the night (I'll be honest, I left before The Flaming Lips played, so you won't see any of those...I am not a fan and knew I could count on fellow photographer friends to capture the night so I could see the spectacle in the morning.)

Click on images to enlarge: