Cabin Season

This past weekend I made my first trip up north to the cabin. Starting a few months ago, I have been counting down the weekends until I can be back up there -- one of my favorite places. I was imagining spending a couple of warm days on the dock, but we arrived to 30-degree weather and a snow storm.

It was a bit of an adventure crossing the lake. We waited for the storm to die down a bit before heading out, but as we were halfway to the cabin the snow picked up again. We watched a white wall heading our way. Luckily we reached the island on time, got everything up to the cabin, and started a lovely fire. The rest of the weekend was freezing too, so I took advantage of "having" to stay inside and finished re-reading Into Thin Air and started In the Heart of the Sea(Once I am done with this book, I think I need to take a break from reading about extremely tragic events, but I highly recommend both of them). 

In between chapters, I did take some breaks to go take a few photos -- take a look below (and click to enlarge them). Can't wait for many more trips up north this summer!

Lucy Hawthorne