Late Summer at the Rose Gardens

On a recent Sunday during my run around Lake Harriet, I took a break to stroll through the Rose Gardens because, you know, these days are the last breaths of summer before we plunge into the long, dark, cold winter months so we'd better take advantage.

There were still tons of roses in bloom, and even more surprising there was a group of 15-20 hummingbirds zipping around a small area in the gardens. I have never seen more than two or three together at once, so I sped back home to grab my camera (it turns out that large groups of hummingbirds are a really good motivation to add a sprint segment to a workout). 

It was so fun to watch the tiny birds zoom around, although also a bit terrifying - I was hit in the leg by two that were fighting, and they tended to fly ridiculously close to me as they were darting from flower to flower. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots of the birds, and some of the roses (click to enlarge):

Lucy Hawthorne