Work Recap

This will be the last post that I say, "wow, looks like I have not blogged in awhile!" - the thing is, I *want* to blog and share, but either I am not busy and so I think that I have endless time to get around to it, or I have been SO busy (and so, so, so ridiculously thankful that I've been busy!!) that blogging personal work has just been pushed to the side. Either way, I'm done apologizing and I'm also done telling myself that I'm going to be a regular blogger.

But, I often get asked what I've been up to, so I wanted to share a few links to some of what has been occupying my time the past few months! April has been exceptionally busy, and I have a few projects that I've been working on that I can't share yet...but stay tuned!!

 First, a few links to a selection of the City Pages stories I've worked on over the last few months:

+This amazing mid-century home! And here is the slideshow.

+Think your home needs a touch of whimsy? Look no further. And, a slideshow!

+I took photos of the *amazing* food at Heirloom. It looked amazing, and tasted just as good - just check out the review. Also! One of my photos was used as a City Pages cover photo:

+Who new a small space could pack so much personality? Chatting with Emily and seeing her studio apartment gave me so much design envy. 

+This window light. This house

+It was wonderful to be among, and document, this protest -- being among a movement of people who were rallying against hate, fear and bigotry was comforting, motivating and exactly what I needed to see after the recent election (let's keep it up everyone!!).

And here are a couple things I've shot for Growler Magazine!

+Stone Saloon

+Brewer Profile: Andy Ruhland of Bad Weather Brewing

Some of my work over on Heavy Table:

+Revival (omg, does food get any better??)

+Sonora Grill (a delicious neighborhood spot!)

+Norseman Distillery is now serving food (I noticed pops of purple were a theme)

Aaand, what else? I've been working on a few family shoots, some commercial work (more details to come soon!), I've done some food styling, shot concerts for First Avenue, had some engagement sessions and am meeting with couples to shoot weddings over the summer and fall, I've visited the North Shore and a few farms in Wisconsin...I've been all over the place and it has been absolutely wonderful. I'm thankful and grateful for every assignment, every opportunity and I hope they keep on coming! 

Until next time,

xo - Lucy