Photo Styling


I have had such a fun opportunity to do a *ton* of photo styling for a wonderful new Shuttersmack client. We are working with Creative Memories, a scrapbooking company that produces a wide range of different product collections that vary in theme. That is the fun part for me - I am assigned to create a set that feels like a vintage collector's desk for one collection, or the work space of someone who is about to go on a Australian adventure for another, or, like the outtake shot above, a cupcake decorating party. 

I've enjoyed the creative stretch of imagining and creating these little worlds, and also exploring little shops around town to source the perfect props. For the most recent collection that featured a cupcake party theme, I discovered the most amazing little cupcake shop in south Minneapolis, called A Cupcake Social. If you're looking for a sweet treat get yourself over there asap. 

Can't wait to share more shots from various styled shoots that Leslie and I are working on!! Happy Saturday!

Lucy Hawthorne