Superior Storms

Last week I saw weather notifications for Duluth - there was lakeshore flood warnings, winds were going to top out at 65 mph, and waves could be 12-16 feet tall. I have always wanted to see Superior in such a mood and happend to have a free schedule. So, I booked a room and headed north. The storm rolled in overnight, and I woke up to giant waves crashing outside my hotel. I ran down to Canal Park and was overwhelmed with the force of the wind, rain and waves. The pictures below might not even do the experience justice - this wind knocked your breath away. The rain stung as it hit your face. It was hard to walk against the gusts.

I spent the day photographing the storm at various spots along the shore - and, it turned out the storm delivered more than forecasted. Winds reached 87 mph (above hurricane force), waves reached 20 feet. It was spectacular.

Lucy Hawthorne