Great River Produce

Last week I made a trip to Maiden Rock, WI, to visit a friend and his lovely farm, Great River Produce. I have always admired and had an appreciation for the work that goes into farming. But, after hearing first-hand the intense work of the day-to-day, I have even *more* respect for the monumental workload of running land that actually produces food for many.

I recently started own little raised-bed garden (more on that later), and even that mini-mini plot of produce is a ton to take care of! So, enjoy your veggies, especially if they are from a small farm - lots of love was poured into growing them. 

Besides the fruit and vegetable plants, I adored seeing the farm animals. His neighbor had a couple of calfs that just stole my heart, so we'll start with a photo of one of them:




Lucy Hawthorne