Super Blood Wolf Moon


After a long week and a very busy weekend, I was absolutely exhausted by Sunday evening. I had been thinking of photographing the eclipse (dramatically called a Super Blood Wolf Moon), but by 9:00 p.m. I was already in bed and had just given up on the idea. But, I just kept tossing and turning and knew I couldn’t fall asleep without catching a glimpse of the event. And, I know myself enough to know I also wouldn’t be happy unless I had my camera.

I hauled my tripod and camera to the front yard and set up and was immediately glad I had forced myself out. The conditions were perfect, not a cloud in sight and crisp, clear air. I didn’t take many photos, and I only stayed out until the moon turned a bit red, but I loved the experience, and am pretty happy with the shots I took.

Already making plans for the next eclipse in 2021 :)

Lucy Hawthorne