U of M Conservatory


Today I took a trip to the U of M Conservatory to see the Corpse Flower blooming. The flower itself was…underwhelming. Apparently the trademark stench of the flower is very short lived, so, I didn’t get to experience that. The plant itself was beautiful, but, honestly being crammed in a tiny, hot room with a bunch of other people is not my favorite thing in the world. I did, however, adore wandering the rest of the conservatory and took possibly too many photos of some of my favorite plants on display.

I wish I had also taken pictures of the names of each plant so I could do some research. That’ll be for next visit.

Walking around and appreciating the beauty of these amazing plants reminded me that I’ll get to do exactly that for a whole week in May way up in Grand Marais! I am taking a naturalist class and I’ll get to spend several days with other nature enthusiasts learning all about the North Shore ecosystem. Honestly, can’t wait!