Better Oblivion Community Center


Last week I got to photograph two of my favorite artists - Conor Oberst and Pheobe Bridgers - who recently released a collaborative album under the band name Better Oblivion Community Center. The night was even more wonderful than I expected. Both artists are pretty emo, but distinct in their lyrical styles and voices. Phoebe tends to write songs that are direct, to the point, and often biographical. Her voice is honey-laced, angelic, just perfect. Conor, who was dubbed “the next Bob Dylan” in his early career, has said he typically writes songs about other people or completely makes up stories. His voice is harsher, and he often has this amazing quiver when he sings (swoon). The merging of their two styles works perfectly and the contrast between them helps highlight what I love about each of them individually. I can’t wait for their next release. Below are photos from the night at First Ave - shot for City Pages! Also, here is my favorite song (at the moment) from the album:

Lucy Hawthorne