Northern Grounds

I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but one of my absolute favorite things about being a freelance photographer is the variety of work I get to do, and getting to travel for some jobs. I recently got to shoot with a client I adore based in Ely, MN. I’ve worked with Northern Grounds - a coffee shop and wine/cocktail bar, for a couple of years. The owners also own Jasper Company - an outfitter and resort - and on this trip I got to take photos for them as well. Jobs like this are always fun - a huge variety of types of photograph - food, portraiture, landscape, interiors, etc. - it really keeps one on their toes!

I also love working with small businesses. The passion behind their work is always so fun to capture, and I really enjoy being able to help showcase their efforts through my photography.

Below are a sample of photos from the day!

Lucy Hawthorne