Photo Shoot: NYC Restaurants

Wayyyyy back in October, I flew out to NYC to do a series of shoots for three wonderful restaurants my brother is involved with: The WaylandGoodnight Sonny and Animals - they'll be using the photos for a mix of website/press/social media/etc. 

This trip to NYC was absolutely amazing, and by the end I was considering not even taking my flight back to Minneapolis (and if I could find a little place in Brooklyn that didn't cost $2,000 a month, I'd keep dreaming of moving out there). I don't know exactly what about this trip made it so perfect, probably a combination of the A+ weather, the extremely fun/talented group of people I got to spend a few days with, the energy of the city, and the amazing food and drink I indulged in. But I fell in love with New York City this October - it has taken years and several visits, but I am hooked and can't wait to be back. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots that I should have shared months ago!



Lucy Hawthorne