Summer in the City

I really can't believe it is August tomorrow (?!?!). Summer has been wonderful - and so, so busy - full of friends, family and plenty of sun. The only thing missing has been the million of trips up north I was hoping for. I am making room for those this fall though, which is arguably my favorite time to be in the woods, so all's not lost, but I am so, so looking forward to getting away again soon. 

Today I was feeling especially anxious to be outside and lounge on the water so we threw the canoe on the car and headed to the chain of lakes to paddle around. It was lovely to be out there and see so many fellow Minnesotans enjoying the sun, but damn, canoeing on busy city lakes makes me long for the quiet and solitude of the north. 

Anyway, below are a few pictures from the outing, and hit play to listen to this song that I've been obsessed with recently - it is making all my summer playlists, and I can't wait to cruise down Highway 1 blaring this:

Loudon Wainwright - The Swimming Song

Oh, and a huge thanks to my wonderful family for bringing one of the best parts of the north woods down with them - WILD BLUEBERRY PIE - I am not ashamed to admit that I ate a half of a pie yesterday and sure wish there was more for me to do the same today. After 29 years of taste testing, I can't decide whether blueberry pie, or blueberries picked from the plant are more delicious...

Lucy Hawthorne