Sweet, Sweet Galettes

Last week Leslie and I got together and had some fun trying out new recipes and, of course, we played around with styling and photographing the process. I am a huge fan of baking galettes which are freeform pies (and end up looking perfectly rustic and photograph oh-so-well). This was the first time I've ever made a sweet galette, typically I bake savory ones (more on that later - a slice of a savory galette along with a hot bowl of soup is *the* best meal on a cold night). I made the dough following this recipe from Food & Wine (turned out great!) and then we followed this recipe from Completely Delicious  for the filling. Leslie and I agreed that the filling recipe would be improved by a tiny bit of salt and we ended up sprinkling the *teeniest* bit of sea salt over the top of each galette after they baked and that really helped to round out the flavors. Add a scoop of ice cream and you have yourself the perfect summer dessert (or, if you're me and not following your diet, the best breakfast...)

Also, head on over to Shuttersmack and check out the beautiful shots Leslie took!!

Lucy Hawthorne