Back to the Lake

Well hello! It's been awhile - and it has been a crazy couple of months. Work has been extremely busy (yay!!), and I have had the opportunity to work with a bunch of clients, old and new, which has kept my schedule filled to the brim with photo styling and photography and planning and prepping and post-processing and everything in between. 

The busy spring, following a *long* winter, meant I had not been up to the North Shore in way, way, way too long. I decided late Monday night that I really just had to sit by the lake for awhile - while the busy schedule has been great, it has also been stressful and a bit overwhelming at times. And besides going for a long run, being in the woods is the only other guaranteed way for me to really just relax. So, I booked a room on the water, and headed north first thing Tuesday morning.

I didn't do anything new on this trip. I made the usual stop at Northern Waters Smokehaus for lunch while passing through Duluth. I stayed at a familiar resort - Larsmont. And I hiked the well traveled Shovel Point trail at Tettegouche. 

But, although I'd seen it all before, Lake Superior and the surrounding woods just works some magic on my soul, and I always find something new to adore. Or maybe it's just that the feeling I get when I sit next to the lake never gets old. Anyway, it was all gorgeous. I fell asleep listing to the waves wash up on shore, and woke up to the same sound accompanied by a gentle rain  -  is there anything better? 

I brought my camera along, of course. Here are a few snapshots from the mini trip (click on images to enlarge): 

Lucy Hawthorne